I am a Software Engineer living and working in Edinburgh. I have over 10 years industry experience in both agency and product environments. I am passionate about both the products I create and the way in which I develop them. I aim to deliver innovative solutions that support the needs of today while considering future requirements.

I have experience working with both greenfield and legacy business critical systems, taking into account factors such as maintainability, scalability and extensibility. I specialise in delivering highly scalable and maintainable 12 factor web applications using modern approaches such as infrastructure as code and deployment pipelines.

Test Driven Design and code review for every change that is introduced into the codebase are core principles that I follow.



Version Control

I’ve worked with Tortoise SVN using a feature branching strategy and using Git with both Gitflow and the forking model.

Build and Deployment Tools

Docker, Terraform, Jenkins.

Frameworks and Libraries

Symfony, Silex, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, GWT, ExtJS with Deft.

Queueing and Streaming

Amazon SQS, Kinesis


Bash, Python, PHP

Project Management Tools

Jira, Confluence, Mantis, Trello, Pivotal Tracker.